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just ahead -- charlie sheen's war. the embattled actor comes out fighting. >> charlie says -- >> they picked a fight with a warlock. >> and shares confessions of a dangerous mind. >> charlie says -- >> you can't process me with a normal brain. >> face-off is a government shutdown looms. which side will blink first? and accept the charges? bernie madoff, in his own words. >> a nightmare for me, yes, of course, only for me. >> for him? no remorse. no shame. the madoff prison tapes, ahead. good afternoon. those stories coming up in a moment. we begin with fast moving developments around the conflict in libya. right now, president obama is meeting at the white house with the u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon. secretary of state hillary clinton is in geneva where she's echoed the president's calls for
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colonel gadhafi to step down immediately. we've learned, a short time ago, the united states military is moving assets closer to that country. yet, gadhafi has just told a bbc reporter that the people of libya love me. nbc's stephanie gosk is inside libya, and, stephanie, u.s. military assets moving closer to the nation, is this a sign of escalation? >> well, martin, certainly a sign of escalating pressure on the government here. the moving of the ships doesn't necessarily mean there are troops on the ground or some kind of military involvement. but what we've been seeing over last several days is a series of sanctions, first unilateral sanctions placed on this country by the obama administration, freezing the assets of the libyan government in the u.s. then you saw the u.n. pass its own package of sanctions. and these moves, really, instead of having necessarily a concrete effect on gadhafi himself, they
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are more symbolic of his growing isolation in the international community. a hope, perhaps, that those that are still loyal with him will see that his position as untenable and they will defect from his loyalty. what we are seeing from gadhafi himself, digging his hillary clinton heel-- his heels the tof misratah, 150 miles east of tripoli. the people in benghazi, controlled by the opposition foi for a week, watching that situation closely, wondering if in resuccessful, if the military will move as well. >> stephanie gosk, thank you. now, much closer to home, on the day after the oscars, one actor is dominating the headlines. but it's not colin firth nor natalie portman. is it, of course, charlie sheen. there's breaking news from camp charlie, his longtime publicist has just quit. this follows an interview with
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nbc's jeff rossen in which sheen says he's not abusing drink or drugs, and vows to go to war with the bosses who suspended production of his hit show. >> first question america wants to know, are you clean right now? >> look at me. duh! drug tests don't lie. >> when was the last time you did drugs? >> don't remember. don't care. drug tests don't lie. scoreboard doesn't lie. >> you say you've cured yourself of addiction. how have you done that? >> i close my eyes and made it so. with the power of my mine. >> you've been to rehab before. this time you did in-home rehab. what is that in why did it work, do you think, this time for you? >> well we couldn't really call it rehab because we didn't have a license to operate one, so it was a crisis management center we labeled the sober valley lodge. >> the house, the sober valley lodge? >> yeah, that's what it became. >> so what happen. >> we wunts allow aa to come tan
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na contaminate. >> you want to rededicate yourself to your children. >> are you embarrassed? >> god, no, this, that's the guy, he's our dad and get all of the answers and the truth. wow, winning. that's how you perceive it. >> last month sheen was winning as the highest paid actor in tv. >> are you insane? >> making nearly $2 million an episode on the hit sitcom "two and a half men." cbs halted production, demanding charlie clean up his act. >> you sound like thomas jefferson. >> well, i'll not thomas jefferson. he was a [ bleep ]. but i dare anyone to debate me on things. debate me on aa right now. i have a disease, bull [ bleep ] i cured it with my brain, with my mind. i'm cured. i'm done. >> cbs didn't see the humor, and
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canceled the entire rest of the season. >> you've told them you're at war with them. >> definitely the war. >> what's the war? >> they're trying to destroy my family. so i take great um bridge with that. and defeat is not an option. they picked a fight with a warlock. >> how are they trying to destroy your family. >> they'rying to take all my mo. it's not rocket science. >> how do you plan on winning that war? >> with zeal. and focus. and violent hatred. you love or hate. you live in the middle, you get nothing. >> didn't cbs have a right to shut your show down? they're reading about you partying at all hours of the night, taking drugs, abusing alcohol, it's their show. >> epic. epic behavior. no, because after reading about that, then they observe the guy
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hitting every line, every joke with a full house, screaming. >> ever miss a day of work? >> not a day that cost anybody any money. i missed practice. talking about practice. to quote the great alan iverson. practice. come on, guys, we're talking about practice. >> charlie sheen seems confident he'll stay sober without the written guidelines of aa. your fans worry about you. >> they can worry about me all they want. i've always had a plan, executed it perfectly. sometimes i overshoot the mark, whatever. >> how do you avoid slipping back into that again? >> i don't foe. i won't do it. i dou it was written for normal people, people that aren't special. people that don't have tiger blood and adonis dna. >> strong people have relapsed.
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>> fools, fools. trolls. weak. defeated. they allowed defeat to be aboption. i will not. i'm not saying -- you know, i'm not saying i'll never have a glass of champagne or wine, because those are things you celebrate with. i have no interest in cocaine. >> how do you pconvince a producer on a show? >> first of all, come wednesday morning they're going to name it charlie brothers and not warner brothers. duh! winning. >> do you owe cbs an apology? >> no. they owe me a big one publicly, while licking my feet. people think i'm insane or don't think what i'm saying is true, i have no interest in their retarded opinions, i don't. i'm going to live my life the way i want. i'm going to win in every moment. they can find the most
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comfortable chair in their small house and sit back and enjoy the show. >> thanks to nbc's jeff rossen there. i'm joined by hollywood publicist howard bragman. howard, tell me, what was your immediate reaction, as you watched mr. sheen during that interview? >> my first thought, i'm glad he's not my client. this guy's really gone off the reservation. and i see it all the time with clients in a crisis situation. i'm trying to get them to shut up and they think i got where i am gauze i'm charming and glib and they're going to talk their way out of it ends up in a bigger mess like this. >> single theme of the interview, he's not on drugs, not abusing drink, he's perfectly sane. that interview seemed to be an indication of a man who has psychiatric illness. >> understand the reason he said i'm not on drugs and ready to work, laying the groundwork for a lawsuit, number one. but this was a man who clearly is having a psychological break in psychological terms he's
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manic when he talks about having adonis dna. tiger blood, changing the name of warner brothers to charlie brothers and he got a best picture at age 20. there's a break with reality right now. >> one of the questions that people are asking is that given his history of appalling behavior, why now? why did cbs call time now? >> i think it escalated to a point, and we know what we know. we don't know what we don't know. and i suspect there's other information that's out theres that possibly, at least if not damaging, possibly more so, than what's going on. >> such as what? >> other incidents, things -- he's a big celebrity. things get covered up. i know how it works. nobody wants somebody to go down on their watch. god forbid he died or something, which is entirely possible, cbs certainly didn't want to be left hoteli holding the bag. >> his publicist, probably an
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hour ago, resigned. would you take him on? >> i wouldn't. i wouldn't. stan and i -- rosenfeel, his publy sift, longtime good friends and talked about this. when a client's not listening, they're doing damage, and your name's associated with. by association, your name's going down the gutter, too. stan did the ethical thing and i respect him. >> you don't fancy the challenge of taking a man? >> i love a challenge but if a client's not going to listen, i can't fix it. this client is off the reservation. >> thank you. an insightful look at mr. sheen's problems. a congressman who refuses health care, even with a wife who has a preexisting condition. is that his idea of health care for every american? plus, bernie madoff sings the prison blues for himself. but what about his victims? you've got to hear this.
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now to the possible government shutdown looming at end of the week. both parties say they're considering a republican plan to keep things up and running, but the clock is ticking. speaker of the house john boehner says continuing to do the people's work, well, the a moral issue. >> we have a moral responsibility to address the problems that we face and that means working together to cut spending and to rein in government, not shutting it down. >> joe walsh a republican from illinois and join me from the capitol. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. congrats on the show. >> you're a freshman in this congress. are you satisfied that your first significant act in
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washington will help bring the government to a standstill? >> absolutely. republicans have been clear that we don't want a shutdown government. and i think it's very impressive that we sent a two-week -- to-week budget over to the democrats in the senate to try to keep the dialogue going so that we can avoid shutting down government. but, martin, make no mistake, they sent us here to cut spending, and that's what's in this two-week cr. >> let's just sit for a moment on the cutting and spending. isn't this the most disingenuous play on the american people, because from planned parenthood to collective bargaining in wisconsin spending cuts is the excuse. but the real target, well, that's your political opponents. >> no. you know what? martin, spending cuts are the real truth. that's why 87 republican freshmen were sent to washington. the speaker alluded to it as a moral issue. it is a moral issue.
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our country's broke, because we're spending too much. we're on a bath that's going to bankrupt our kids and grandkids and that's morally irresponsible. that's almost criminal to do to future generations. the republicans are keeping their word, and we're systemically going to go after the spending problem. >> you've said president obama ought to be ashamed of himself for not dealing with entitlements in his budget. time to raise the retirement age and social security. do you have support from bayner? >> absolutely. look at paul ryan, he has been a leader on this. he stuck his neck out last year and proposed reforms of medicare and social security. i stand by those words. the president put out a budget and he should be ashamed of himself because he punted on entitlement reform. and everybody in this town knows that you've got to have a serious dialogue about social security and medicare because
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that's where the bulk of the spending is. the republicans are not going to be afraid to take the lead on this. i think the american people are ready for that discussion. >> is it true that your own wife has decided to reject any health care insurance at this time? >> i pledged a year ago that, if i were elected, i'd turn down all congressional health care and retirement benefits. i just don't believe, as a member of congress, you should take those. i don't want to increase the federal footprint, no matter how much it costs. it means a lot to me. and my wife was with me every step of the way. had a procedure last week, she had a preexisting condition and like american swreez s and we h pay that out of our own pock. how is she doing? >> she's recouping. >> how much did it cost you? >> it's something i'm going to feel. it's something that will take a while to pay off. >> thank you. >> thank you.
3:18 pm
>> for more on the political ramifications of this budget battle, including truth serum, let's bring in nbc an lift and senior political editor at "the huffington post," howard feinman. do you accept this is solely about spending? >> no, i think it's about philosophy also. before i go further, let me say congratulations, and welcome. >> thank you. >> lucky to have you. look, the american people are concerned about spending, no doubt about that. the president has said that. democrats have said that. republicans have said it. but i think in the case of the tea party activists, there's something else specially more at work here. there's a philosophy of disdain for and fear of the federal government. you heard the congressman talk about the federal footprint. these are people who view the federal footprint as a boot on the neck and there's a lot of philosophy behind what they're talking about here. >> the weekend you wrote that the real republican agenda behind these cuts was about
3:19 pm
neutralizing the power of the unions. >> i think that's definitely a part of it. certainly -- there it doesn't mention unions. >> of course not. but the fact is, the public employee unions have become a mainstay, a cog in the party. republican strategists know that. they think they would have won many more governorships last fall had it not been for unions spending tens and millions of dollars and putting thousands on the street to push for a democratic vote. they want to drain the treasuries of public employee unions. one way to do that is by having fewer public employees and if you can get way with it, in wisconsin, abolishi collective bargaining rights. >> isn't there is a disin-ge g- uous employ, being sole the disciplined approach to the economy and federal spending, and on the other hand you're telling me this is about hidden agenda that's more about politics than spend? >> well, i think a lot of this
3:20 pm
business politics. i think you to separate a little bit what's going on at state level in terms of state budgets and collective bargaining rights. right now the republicans are not make a move on federal labor law. that hasn't happened yet. that could happen down the road. they want to cut first the programs that are most beneficial to and are most admired by and liked by members of the democratic coalition. the $4 billion that they're going to cut in this first go-round if they do it, i can guarantee you a lot are going to be aimed at things, one that the president has said he's willing to concede because he wanted to try to play the good soldier here, but also a lot of things that hit democratic constituencies. >> the hidden agenda, but is it pointing towards the 2012 election? that is what this is about, the presidential election? >> of course. who is going to get the upper hand on the spending issue? the problem for the republican is democrats are seen as the party of government ultimately. the republicans the party that
3:21 pm
fears government. if there's a government shutdown the reflex to blame the republicans. in addition to which there's 90% unemployment right now. if the government shuts down it's going to be very difficult for the republicans to argue that they're in favor of improving the economy at the same time they're at least temporarily putting a lot of people out of work. >> is there going to be a shutdown? >> i think ultimately probably not, because i think john boehner, republican leader, speaker, remembers newt gingrich, remembers 1995, remembers how the republicans lost, and boehner himself said, look, we want to rein in spending, we don't want a shutdown government. they keep saying that. if they keep saying it, it's going to be very, very hard for them to do it. >> thank you so much for your insight. >> thank you, martin. the butcher, the baker, the candlestickmaker. the surprise guests who will be there when william and kate said "i do". we have a bone to pick with charlie sheen. [ coughs ]
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welcome back. milissa rehberger is in the newsroom. >> hi, martin. word that computer hackers calling themselves anonymous brought down a conservative website. it happened late last night. the site, americans for prosperity, funded primarily by the billionaire koch brothers and active in the wisconsin stand-off. the hacks targeted americans for prosperity because it supports governor scott walker. that site is back up. in the midsection, flooding is a big problem. many streets in kansas city, missouri are washed out after a weekend of rain. temperatures above the freezing mark will bring more water as snow melts. iran taking issue with a logo used for the 2012 london olympics. according to a letter sent by iran's national committee the logo bears a resemblance to the
3:26 pm
wore zion, a biblical term used to reference the city of jerusalem. back to you. coming up, on wisconsin, ed schultz joins us live as the fight against governors and works are in the heartland intent fis. the bernie madoff prison tapes. she felt lost... until the combination of three good probiotics in phillips' colon health defended against the bad gas, diarrhea and constipation. ...and? it helped balance her colon. oh, now that's the best part. i love your work. [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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now wisconsin where new reports today suggest at least some republican state senators may defect and side with democratic colleagues who have refused to return and vote on the governor's controversial budget bill. today at the white house, president obama weighed in on the showdown that's caught fire. >> everybody should be prepared to give up something in order to solve our budget challenges, and i think most public servants agree with that. but let me also say this, i
3:30 pm
don't think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated orville vilified ors infringed upon. >> ed shults has been doing an outstanding job covering events in wisconsin. weds, o wed, you're said the president should get into domestic politic but was be careful about foreign affairs. everybody else seems to be saying, no he should be demanding what happens in tripoli and aggressive in cairo but get the government out of the domestic arena. >> i think the president's got qualified people around him to deal with the international situation, such as secretary of state hillary clinton, which he spent 30 years on the foreign affairs committee. the president has to realize, in my opinion, that wisconsin is about 2012. we're in a critical juncture in this country on how we view
3:31 pm
labor, wage earners and certain professions that, as the president just said, are being vilified. we're attacking teachers in the country saying they're overpaid. it's outrageous. >> you've been suggesting all along the spending cuts debate has been a disingenuous one. >> the fact that the collective bargaining language is in many of these state legislative bills across the country is to underscore exactly what their main agenda is, and that is to weaken collective bargaining, weaken unions, go directly at funding and social networking and boots on the ground that organize when it comes election time, for liberals and democrats, which are supported by a union quite often. i think it is an infrastructurele fight. >> karl rove wrote, union demands produced $3.5 trillion in unfunded liabilities for
3:32 pm
state and local government pension and health care plans. they've also led to personnel practices that tie the hands of local elected officials often results in perverse outcomes. >> well if i was on his side, i'd be saying the same thing. this is a political fight. >> no, but is he right? >> no, he's not correct because the numbers show where collective bargaining is not allowed in states there's $222 billion budget deficit collectively of all of the states. this is not a worker problem. this is not a wage and benefit and negotiated problem. this is wall street. this is an aftershock of wall street and what has happened and it's an attack on the middle class. it'sen fortunate republican governors have decided to take it out on the backs of the workers instead of asked for shared sacrifice. i was at a rally in trenton, new jersey, in front of state house on friday. to a tee i asked every one of the workers do you understand what governor christie's trying to do?
3:33 pm
absolutely. do you want to give something up? we're willing to do it but it's not shared sacrifice, and the president talked about shared sacrifice today. they don't understand why it has to be just them giving it up. >> ed schultz of "the ed schultz show" thank you. ambassador susan rice and white house press secretary jay carney are talking about the situation in libya where we began the broadcast. let's listen in. >> as you might expect, significant portion of meeting was devoted to discussing the situation in libya. the unhas played a positive and important role in efforts to end the bloodshed there and to hold the gadhafi regime accountable and support the libyan people. indeed, in libya, the united nations is demonstrating the indispensable role that it can play in advancing our interest and dpeendsi and defending our values. we'll come back to libya.
3:34 pm
the president and the secretary-general also discussed the situation elsewhere in the middle east as well as the situation in coat devir. they expresses their concern of the escalation of violence there and the need to enable the legitimately elected president to assume responsibility for govern governoring. they discussed the history ex-ref referendum that took place in southern sudan where the people overwhelmingly voted for independence and discussed the vital work that the u.n. and the international community have still to do, along with the parties to the sudanese conflict to ensure lasting peace as the south gains its independence of july of this year. the president and secretary-general discussed their shared agenda to build on the strength of united nations while pursuing and implementing important management reforms, as
3:35 pm
well as budgetary discipline. finally, president obama reaffirmed the administration's strong belief that the united nations continues to play a vital role in addressing tough, global and transnational threats, and in doing so, its work enhances safety and well-being of the american people. coming back to libya, as you know, on saturday night, in new york, the security council unanimously adopted resolution 1970, a tough and binding set of sanctions, samed at stopping the libyan regime from killing its own people. as you know from the very beginning of the crisis in libya, we've been clear it's vitally important for the international community to speak with one voice, and it has done so with an unusual and important sense of urgency, determination, and unity of purpose. this resolution that we passed had several important components.
3:36 pm
first, it refers the situation in libya directly to the international criminal court. this is the first timing that the security council has unanimously voted to refer a case of heinous human rights violations to the icc. secondly, it includes a travel ban and assets freeze on key libyan leaders. it imposes a complete arms embargo on libya and mechanisms to enforce it. finally, it takes new steps against the use of mercenaries by the libyan government to attack its own people and facilitates the delivery of vital humanitarian assistance. sanctions and accountability mechanisms should make all members of the libyan regime think about the choice they have before them. violate human rights and be held accountable or stop the violence and respect the libyan people's call for change. there's no escaping that
3:37 pm
critical choice. meanwhile, all of the members of the united nations security council are united in their determination these sanctions work, and work as swiftly as possible. the security council has not finished its business and will continue to monitor the situation in libya closely. i'll reiterate what the president said over the weekend. now is the time for colonel gadhafi to step aside to prevent further bloodshed, and to allow the libyan people to have a government that is responsive to their aspirations. i'm happy to take a few of your questions. >> i wanted, if i could, i'll call on people. i like to do all questions to ambassador rice now and other issues after that. >> thank you. madam ambassador, can you update us on the status of the talks for instituting a no-fly zone? >> that was ambassador susan rice talking about the
3:38 pm
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sooner or later, you'll know our name. sun life financial. i'm sue herrera with your cnbc market wrap. stocks are strongly higher, they continue to rise with the dow jones industrial average up 95 points. the standard & poor's up almost serve. the nasdaq up 176. oil prices begin a gradual descend after shooting up past 100 bucks per barrel last week. that has not trickled down to consumers are yet. gas prices rose over the weekend and stand at annage of $3.37. finally, if you want to do your part to pay down the national debt, the bureau of the public debt is accepting
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donations. yes, the bureau received almost $3 million last year, and so far this year $400,000 and counting. that's it from cnbc. first in business worldwide. back to you. it's now exactly 60 days until the wedding of prince william and miss catherine middleton. new details are beginning to emerge. it's been said the couple wanted this to be a wedding for the people. and now some locals have revealed indeed they have been invited to the abby april 29th. joining us now from burbank, california, a writer and columnist for the daily th telegrav. america's going weak at the knees with royal feeb. >> they have all gone mad. nothing compared to the royal fiver going on here. i can see why. there's a great amount of history and the sort of
3:43 pm
fascinating detail of ail 0 the etiquette involved. is it quite gripping, particularly when seen from outside. >> there's been some concern amongst brits, i think, because there seems to be a bit of cynicism about this wedding, whereas the americans are very, very enthusiastic about it. have you picked it up? >> they are. it's one our default position in the uk to be slightly cynical about everything. that said, i think that we're less cynical about this wedding than we have been in the past. i think that, by and large, people do tend to like prince william and they haven't got any great grudge against kate middleton, or catherine as she'd rather be known except for the fact she hasn't held down a proper job and more of a princess in waiting, some people have said she's been doing a princess finishing school for the past four years. but here there's absolutely no cynicism. and you know, quite rightly so. we certainly need a good news
3:44 pm
story at the moment. >> thank you very much, indeed. convicted fraudster bernard madoff, who fleeced 65 billion from unsuspecting investors may be one of the most hated men in america. but he done think that's fair. and now in a series of taped phone conversations with new york magazine, he's claiming that he, too, is a victim. as nbc's peter alexander now reports. >> reporter: i'm not a horrible person. he's been described as the epitome of evil. bernie may door, wall street insider convicted of swindling $65 billion from investors. madoff has been speaking to the media, fending himself in interviews. in a taped conversation, madoff says he was a victim, too, burdened by the lie he created and claim his kept secret from his beloved wife of 51 years.
3:45 pm
>> it was a nightmare for me, yes, of course, only for me. i was able to explain it to ruth. she's still unhappy about it. she's still embarrassed. nothing was going to change that. but she feels sorry for me to a certain extent. >> reporter: madoff, again, insists banks and hedge funds wery guilty of willful blindness as they continued to work with him without asking questions. investors are were robbed of life savings he said some had to know his business was a fraud and they shouldn't be complaining now. >> all of my friends, all -- most of my clients, individual clients, all are not net losers. it was the people that came in very late in the game that, that, that got hurt. so, so did i make a lot of month f. for people? yeah, i may a lot of month pi for people. did people lose profits that they thought they made?
3:46 pm
yes. but did they lose capital? i'm sure, i'm confident when this is all finished, very few people, if any, will loss their principal. >> reporter: how did madoff's ponzi scheme begin? he says almost by accident in 1992 after several years of legitimate success. up until the last minute, madoff hoped he would skaescape the financial mess. >> i kept on, you know, sort of telling myself, you know, that some miracle was going to happen or i was going to be able to work my way out of it okay. i just didn't know -- i just didn't know what that -- what that was. >> reporter: new york magazine describes a family, now shattered. son mark, dead by suicide. son andrew and wife ruth no longer speaking to madoff or one another. and ruth, forbidden from seeing her own grandchildren and turned away at mark's funeral. madoff says he will never forget the day he finally confessed to andrew and mark.
3:47 pm
>> everybody was, was like stunned. you know, i was crying, and andy i remember took me in his arms. you know, he felt sorry for me at that stage, and i don't think that it had totally sunk in to everybody. mark was standing there, in shock, and i said, look, you know, i just -- i don't know what else to tell you. >> steve fischman is the reporter who conducted the jailhouse interviews with bernard madoff for new york magazines and joins us now. i've read the article in detailed fashion. the overwhelming sense i get is not a man who is full of repentance or remorse but someone trying to rewrite history. that is true? >> i think that's true. he feels in the sense, as bizarre as it sounds, left out of history. his side, his version. and to a certain extent, you know what bernie madoff is
3:48 pm
feeling has been left out. and he is trying to set that record straight, as he told me. >> he said in one of the conversations with you, i'm not the person i'm being portrayed as. does anybody want to hear that i had a successful business and all of these wonderful things, did all of the wonderful things for the industry? what about the lies, deceit, fraud and $65 billion that he stole? >> bernie madoff to me and others, he's expressed remorse, said nothing justifies it, but you're right. this is a person who is concentrating, i'm sure both in his own mind and to the outside world, on what he's lost, and what's done. you know, it's worth keeping in mind that one of the profound mysteries of this story is that he didn't need the money. he was a success. and i think that perplexes bernie to some extent and that's what he's trying to resurrect, that legitimate legacy.
3:49 pm
>> in your interview and in an interview he gave to a "new york times" reporter, the largest institutions probably knew what he was doing and in yours, he says the whole new regular reform is a joke. >> right. >> sloul we take him seriously, though, where he says they knew? >> you know, i think we should. listen, if you look at the evidence, you kind of had to turn away. there are a lot of people who say, no, no, we saw it and we did turn away. but bernie, as bernie told me, he said, listen, you know, i wouldn't tell them anything about the volume i was doing, i wouldn't tell them anything about my strategy. i said if you don't like it take your money out, and they didn't. it's hard to believe that people as sophisticated as hedge funds and banks shouldn't have looked closely at this. >> do you believe him, because one of the observations that you make in your piece that is you reference a friend of his son's
3:50 pm
who says that bernard madoff saw parenting as part of his own narcissism. this is a very manipulative man. do you believe him? >> you know, that's kind of gets to the heart of the matter, mart. to what extent can we believe bernie madoff? that's up for grabs. i do think that there's several things about bernie that are true. i do think he's a family man. i do think that family was weirdly the center of his life, both both for his own good and for the tremendous ill of his family u but he always wanted them around. so is it possible for bernie madoff to suffer? you know, the suicide of his son probably did make even bernie madoff suffer. >> even bernie madoff. steve fisher of "new york" magazine. thank you. ahead, sorry, charlie, you and your cbs bosses have a lot more explaining to do.
3:51 pm
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it's time to clear the air. while hollywood expected everyone to be talking about oscar winners like natalie portman, one actor has stolen the headlines today and hadn't been nominated for anything. charlie sheen was supposed to be back at work on the set of america's number one comedy show, but of course, that all ended when mr. sheen decided to share his true feelings about the show's producer. >> there's nothing this side of deplorable that a certain -- chuck's real name, mistook this rock star for his own selfish exit strategy, bro. >> it was an inappropriate outburst, contempt on the production team, not to mention
3:55 pm
sounding anti-semitic. why was this the breaking point that led his bosses to finally tell charlie enough's enough? see, for years, cbs and warner brothers seemed to accept their wayward star had a problem with women and they were prepared to tolerate this. and yet the history of his attitude toward women is staggering. in one case he shot his girlfriend in the arm, he repeatedly threatened his wives with violence, at one point allegedly putting a knife to brooke mueller's throat. let's not forget the women he objectified. mr. sheen never denied purchases the sexual services of young women for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. charlie's goddesss as he calls them, easy pickings for a star making $1.7 million an episode. sheen's treatment of women never once had executives of cbs or warner brothers calling time out. so let's clear the air here right now because it was only after he attacked his boss,
3:56 pm
verbally, that cbs and warner brothers said sorry, charlie, enough's enough. you can put a knife to your wife's throat, threaten another with brutality and make young women your sexual purchases, but don't you dare call your male boss a maggot, which leads us to ask a final question, is it really okay to abuse, threaten and terrify women so long as you never say a bad word about your production team? is the cardinal sin in television verbally abusing your producer but the rest, well, that's fair game? as the father of two daughters, i sincerely hope mr. sheen doesn't just apologize to his producer but also profound ly changes his attitude to women because that's really where the problem lies. now, and next, the man to make sense of the budget fights that are raging across america. dylan ratigan is just moments away. thanks for watching and i'll see you tomorrow. for three hours a week, i'm a coach.
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